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Tanya, Scrub Bird's founder, is super passionate about creating skin care products that are made from natural resources. "My aim is to create natural, beautiful, sustainable products that achieve results, I encourage you to try the Scrub Bird range and feel the difference." Read my story.

Customer Reviews

Adity - "The scrubs are amazing .. they make your skin soft and moisturise your skin. Love it and will recommend to everyone if you want silky smooth skin ... love love love the products .. the lip scrub is amazing too. making my lips soft plump and sexy!!!"

Rebecca - "You can tell from the moment you pick up this product that it has been handmade with love and much thought for the customer. The packaging is devine and then you open up the product and the smell just makes you smile. Made with high quality this is one of the very few scrubs that does what it promises and is extremely well priced. Highly recommend and you’ll never want to use an expensive or cheap store bought for that matter, product again."

Sammy - "All the Scrub Bird products are AMAZING, I can't pick a favourite!!!! My body smells delicious and felt fabulous after the first use! Thank you Scrub Bird for helping me to feel pampered in my own home!!"

Monica - I had never used a coffee scrub before so wasn’t sure what to expect.  I felt the difference after the first time using the honey scrub and after a week my skin looked so much healthier.  It exfoliates, cleans and moisturisers all at the same time.  My skin feels amazing! I can’t wait to try Scrub Bird’s other products.

Julie - I just love the way my skin feels after using the coffee scrub, so smooth and clean, and I smell so nice afterwards. I’m excited to try the lip scrub as well.

Nicole M - I just wanted to msg you to say thank you so much for creating this coffee scrub! It is seriously the most amazing product I’ve ever used and I’m in shock! I’ve struggled with dry skin since I can remember but for the last 3 months or so I have had a dry patch on my face that would not budge! I’ve spent hundreds on moisturisers, scrubs even prescription ointment from the doctor and nothing has helped! I almost gave up hope until you gave me the sample of your scrub and I am so happy to say it is GONE!! I’ve been using it once a week since and it has not come back and I can not tell you how happy I am and thankful for you and this amazing product! My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after I use this and I am in love!! You are killing the game, everyone needs to try this I cannot believe how amazing it is! Thank you again 💗💗

Rema - Absolutely love the peppermint foot scrub My feet feel so nice after scrubbing them love love love it 

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