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Why you need a makeup eraser

It always irks me how much it costs to buy good skincare - i mean its sooo important to have good quality products but i hate wasting them. What i mean buy wasting is using too much. It's that simple - i do not like using more than i have too. Your not going to get a better result just because you have used double/triple the amount. My solution for this easy, wash you face with the makeup eraser first (soak it in luke warm water) wipe throughly over your face. you will be amazed at how much this takes off - i use Chanel waterproof mascara (this is the best mascara i have ever used!!) and most times the cloth wipes it all off as well. Once i have cleaned my face i then use my cleanser, applying the cleanser to a relatively clean face makes more sense to me. The cloth is then best slightly wrung out and left to dry. I actually clean mine every 2nd day with a pure bar soap. I then pop it in the washing machine once a week and hang out in the sun to dry. I use the cloth morning and night. The benefits i found of using the cloth in the morning are - your putting cool water on your face rather than allowing the warm/hot water from the shower wet your face, this reduces redness and it saves water. If you wash you face in the shower just try to time how long it takes, so much water is getting wasted. I encourage you to try changing your routine and see if it makes a difference to your skin firstly, water consumption and time spent washing your face. Thanks so much, Tanya xxx